Fees and Insurance


Please, contact me to inquire about my fees.

I am out-of-network for all insurances.

Even though I don't bill insurances directly, most of my patients get reimbursed by their insurance. In many cases the difference between my fees and what your insurance may pay you back is equivalent to what your co-pay would be.

Payment is due at the time of service, by credit, debit, or HSA card.

How to Get Reimbursed by your Insurance

Contact your insurance and ask:

  • "What are my out-of-network benefits?"

  • "How much is my deductible?"

  • "After I meet my deductible, how much will I be reimbursed for each visit?"

(your insurance needs the codes below to answer that)

        • Intakes: CPT code 99205-95 + 90838

        • Follow-up: CPT code 99214 -95 + 90833-95

  • "Do I have a limit of how many visits I can have?"

  • "How do I submit the receipt my doctor gave me to get reimbursed?" (This is also called a "superbill".)

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