Video Visits

How do I prepare for a visit by video?


  • Fully charged device, or make sure it's plugged in.

  • Place it on a firm surface, to minimize movement.

  • Earphones or headphones are strongly recommended for better sound quality.

  • High speed internet. In some cases, turn off other devices in your home that are connected to the internet, for better speed.

  • Your phone as backup: Have your fully-charged phone next to you as back up, in case of any technical difficulties which may require you to switch to a phone call or a different video call platform.

  • Close other applications on your device and mute notifications.


  • Good lighting: Sit next to the window if possible, or if your appointment is after sunset or in a location without a window, bring in as much artificial light as possible. Moving a desk lamp or standing lamp in front of you can help, as can removing any lighting behind you.

  • A quiet space: Music, conversations, street noise, children, or other interruptions can be very disruptive.

  • Create a protected time and environment for your appointment, the same as if you were in the office in person.

  • Privacy: Tell people who live or work with you that you will have an important private conversation and ask to not be interrupted. Consider locking your door or putting a "do not disturb" sign on it. Having an appointment with other people in the room (unless they are required to participate) or in a coffee shop is not appropriate. If there is no private, quiet indoor space available to you, consider your car, or a safe outdoor area.


  • The preferred video platform is Follow this link for a tutorial of how to connect with me there.

  • Get ready early. Check your internet connection, and make sure your space is set up comfortably 15 minute before your appointment.

  • As you’re setting up, take this time to start quieting your mind and shift your attention away from other commitments.